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STAT350 statistical and traceability software

STAT350 statistical software working screen with gauges
STAT350 main screen

What is STAT350

STAT350 is a windows software integrable with all models of HSC350 series ables to catch statistical data from control unit through a RS232 COM interface or an ethernet TCP/IP connection. It’s also available the USB data stick that records all data when connected to checkweighers and export everything as soon as connected to STAT350 software.

Easy to use

Starting with the installation procedure but also with more advanced features, the new software guides you through each operation, step by step and in an easy way. Thanks to an innovative interface and a complete online help system with movies and many tips, the new STAT350 is ready to work in few seconds. Included in the basic version, there is a synoptic system capable of monitoring the proper operation of the machine and help the operator to resolve any problems or incident found on the production line.

Complete integration

The new software can run on any machine of the HSC350 series, from checkweighers to weigh-price labeller of all kinds. Moreover, if you installed a metal detector or an automatic weigh-price labeller, you can set and control both of these devices through the software. It is also possible to manage labels layouts and product database.

STAT Report screen
STAT350 Report screen

Export and customize customers/suppliers archives

The new version of STAT350 innovates the management system for the customers/suppliers archive used in the latest release. Were also added many features to export archives of production in all standard formats, such as Word, Excel, MDB, TEXT, and many others. It is possible to customize every details of production reports by choosing which fields to include in the file, if add graphics with the distribution of packages, notes introduced during the production and a lot of additional information.


Download the STAT350 brochure (.PDF)