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We are a family company.

Since 1976 we design, build and install quality control systems: from dynamic weigh-control systems to price-labeling systems

HSC350 checkweighing machines

NEMESIS since 197640 years of experience

Our HSC350 series of checkweighers, labelers and metal detector are the outcome of 40 years of research in the field of dynamic weighing.

50% of resources in checkweigher development50% of Research and Development

Every year half of our budget is spent on research and development. That’s why we’re at the forefront of the checkweighing science.

NEMESIS presence worldwide30 countries and counting

Our checkweighers, labelers and metal detectors are distributed and supported in more than 30 countries. Still, we’re looking for partners.

Checkweighers made in Italy100% made & designed in Italy

We’re proud to say that every machine is designed and crafted in our headquarters in Modena, Northern Italy.



Where we are

via G. Benassi, 31 – 41122 Modena (Italy).

100 meters from the central train station.

40 kilometers from Bologna “Marconi” Airport.

Email us to if you need more directions.

NEMESIS headquarter in Modena, Italy


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Why becoming a partner?

Nemesis is focused on research and development, quality control and technical assistance. Our commercial strategy is to delegate the sales to a worldwide network of partners and distributors. We are constantly looking for partners.

As a Nemesis' partner:

  • You promote and sell Nemesis' products
  • You have the technical expertise to perform technical assistance
  • You have the technical expertise to set-up and run Nemesis' products

Of course Nemesis will always be ready to assist any partner in need of information or assistance.

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