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MID und OIML Zulassung

NEMESIS is proud to say that HSC350 checkweighers and weigh-price labelers are now certified by MID and OIML R51 directives, therefore in date 15 December 2011 these certificates were released for HSC350 machines.

” This family of automatic weighing instruments, designated the HSC350, comprises instruments operating as automatic checkweighers (Category X) and/or weigh-price labelers (Category Y). ”

For further information or the full certificate please do not hesitate to contact us.

OIML-R51 Certificate for HSC350 checkweighers and weigh-price labelers

Zertifikat OIML R51 - Kontrollwaagen und Preisauszeichnungswaage

MID certificate for HSC350 checkweighers

Zertifikat MID - Kontrollwaagen und Preisauszeichnungswaage